Wednesday, October 14, 2009


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As I sit here in front of my computer trying to somehow piece together all of the news of the day, all the things I want to say sound so “Ho Hum”. For the last week I have written so many things that seemed very important at the time and then read and re-read and then hit the Delete button and poof cleared my screen. Each time I would write something down it sounded too radical, verging on extreme.

What is going on in our nations capitol is a crime and the same people that were elected to uphold and protect our interests are the ones doing the damage. Our California governor has signed into law ammunition restrictions that will all but stomp on our second amendment rights. We have our children enduring two war campaigns in the Middle East with no sense of urgency shown by the President of the United States.

We somehow need to instill that sense of urgency into ALL of our politicians. How??

Tonight I was watching my recorded session of Glen Beck and realized that we need to do more than we are doing now. Some of the things Glen says may seem off the wall, but by speaking boldly and demanding to be heard we may be able to save our rights as citizens.

The country is at a major fork in the road. We can either turn up hill or downhill. The downhill road is easy as we can coast and save fuel the road doesn’t have any turns and it looks like an easy way. Do we have enough brakes left to stop us before we hit the bottom of the hill or run off the road? The uphill road is very steep and curvy it has potholes. I hear that up on top of the hill we would be climbing is a really nice view of the whole world. I want my children and grandchildren to see the world like I have seen it in the past.

We need to gather up our ideas and our courage and organize. It is very easy to sit back and forward e-mails and hope someone picks up the fight so we don’t have to. I receive at least fifteen chain letters a week guaranteeing me good luck or wealth or a million leprechauns at my door if I just forward it to twenty of my friends. I’m sorry if I am a little dubious of that type of good fortune. I am more relieved to find five or ten people that would be there when or if the going gets rough.

I don’t know a lot about organizing people into a single voice that can be heard in Washington DC but I am willing, with your help, to find a way to do it.

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